How to Hire the Best Content Writing Agency

Things to do Before Hiring a Content Writing Agency

Running a business in this digital age takes more than just a good product. You will need an avenue to market your product, services, and skills, the kind that will get you noticed when you put it out there. That means a good website, a relatively good blog, newsletters, catchy social media posts, sales copy, clever advertisements, compelling guest posts, the list goes on. The question is, who’s going to do all of it?

How to Hire the Best Content Writing Agency

On top of that, there’s search engine optimization, keyword research, as well as editing and publishing. And while this is something you can definitely do, you don’t want to spend 30 hours off your week writing. You have better things to do with your time like managing your business, tracking orders, staying on top of logistics, the stuff that business owners do. That said, it’s time you look into contacting a content writing agency to hire a writer.

But how do you do it?

1. Figure Out Your Needs

First step in hiring the best content writers starts from you, that means you have to figure out what type of written content you need. Writing will represent a comprehensive range of skills and specializations. And while you can ask a writer to write just about anything, this does not mean they can produce high-quality content in every niche or format. That said, when you figure out what kind of content you need, you can start shopping for a writer that aligns with your needs.

You can find a good writer whose stories about the latest news and most relevant articles are enough to draw traffic, but has mediocre skills in copywriting which can make your website’s landing page as good as a blank canvas. The same can be said in different types of content.

How to Hire the Best Content Writing Agency

By figuring out your needs, you can talk to a content writing agency about what you need as an entity, as a business, as a brand. From there, they can give you the right writer that can give you optimized results based on your niche and your target market. A writer whose specialization can fill the gap between the web pages and attract hundreds, if not thousands of audiences, which can improve your traffic and your online presence.

To help you put your finger on the kind of content you need, here are a few things to consider.

Consider asking yourself what type of business you’re running. The type of business you have will tell you what kind of content you need. If you run an online retail shop, you will most likely need a writer good in product descriptions or someone skilled in explaining how a product works. If you run a business that offers services, you will most likely need blogs related to the type of business you are in to increase traffic. You will also need someone who can create the kind of written content that can describe how good you are at what you do. The target market plays a role in what kind of words are used in your content. If you are looking to relate to a younger market segment, using words that the generation you are looking to attract are familiar with can help drive traffic and keep them on your page. In terms of brand, the message your content will try to convey will depend heavily on how you want your business to be perceived.

2. Decide If You’re Going In-House or Freelance

One of the most important considerations when hiring a writer is knowing if you want an in-house writer or a freelance writer. Your relationship with your writer can have significant impacts in your business, let’s look at a few.

Pros and cons



Now let’s look at what freelancers have to offer.

Pros and cons



That said, from a financial standpoint, the costs involved in hiring a full-time writer means that small businesses may not benefit from an in-house writer. The best place to start if you’re running a small enterprise is to hire a freelance writer that can handle the capacity of written content you need. Freelance writers are in no way inferior to in-house writers. They can give the same, if not better, content as a full-time employee without the added costs. However, if you are a big corporation, hiring in-house writers will work in your favor. You can get them to huddle up and share their thoughts and opinions on a certain project which can make brainstorming ideas easier. You can still hire freelancers if you’re a big company as long as you know what you need from the writer. Most freelance writers can work and get the job done with little supervision - something even large companies can appreciate.

How to Hire the Best Content Writing Agency

3. Draw Your Budget

Now that you know what you need and what type of writer to hire, it’s time you draw the line for how much you’re willing to pay. If you’re unsure of how much you’re willing to invest in content marketing, just remember two things. Know what result you want to get from your writer and how much does these results mean to your business.

One of the most common mistakes business owners make before hiring a writer from a content writing agency is to put an amount on writing based on quantity. Content in itself is worthless. Many writers who get lowballed either say no or give you the kind of content you’re paying for. If you value the content you put in your website, you’d want to get a writer who can write the right content that will help you grow your business.

How to Hire the Best Content Writing Agency

Also take into consideration the amount of research it requires to get the job done. Some topics will have readily available reference materials which can make writing a little more convenient. From here, it all depends on the writer’s creative talent to make a unique and compelling piece out of it. If the content you need requires heavy research and factual data, your writer will need to exhaust all resourcefulness and tap into other means of obtaining the information you need. These may include paid memberships, applications, and other paid access to secure the details needed in writing which could cause the prices to go up. Remember, it takes more than just a screen and a keyboard to write. Writers are valued for their ability to turn research into a personalized work of art that is tailored to your needs.

Here are a few more things to consider when deciding on a budget.

The longer the content you need, the more work needs to be put in. You don’t want to work with a writer that will fluff-up your page with fillers and unnecessary content. You’d want to work with someone who will give you content that counts. In the same way, know that starting a new article means that you’re asking the writer to go back to square one. This means starting with new research and scouring for new resource materials. And lastly, how fast you need the content delivered. Be reasonable in the time you give especially if you come into terms with a writer that charges with relatively reasonable rates.

Things to Look for from a Content Writing Agency

You can look for a content writing agency online - but everybody does that. That means belonging in the pool of websites that contain content that’s as good as everybody else. If you really want to get the good ones, here are a few tips that can guide you how to hire the best content writing agency.

1. SEO is Super

Nowadays, having even a bit of knowledge about SEO puts you ahead. But what exactly is SEO. Short for search engine optimization, SEO is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant keyword searches. That said, hiring a content writing agency that knows how to strategically place certain keywords will increase your chances of being in the first page of different web browsers.

SEO literate

What’s in it for you?

Studies show that many web users will only click on links and websites that are displayed on the first page of a browser search. They don’t even go as far as clicking on the bottom search results, and don’t get us started about looking at the next page. When your website gets to the first few entries in a web search, this significantly increases your chances of getting visitors. And if you’re running a business, that means better sales and more customers. If you are offering services, that means more people booking you in. If you are doing it to drive attention, let’s say for a fundraising campaign, putting your site on the first page after people search for certain keywords can get you on the path to better exposure and seeing the fruition of your noble cause.

A content writing agency that has know-how of how SEO works can set you up for success. That said, the first consideration you should make when eyeing an agency is to check their SEO competency. This can be done by simply asking them if they know what SEO is or if this is something they implement in their writing.

2. Good Grammar Matters

Alright, so you have SEO out of your check list. What’s next?

Well, an SEO friendly content can get you on the first page of a web search but it may not be enough to keep your visitors on your website. What keeps visitors is good and readable content, and this is where good grammar plays a vital role. Things like well written articles and easy to understand product descriptions is what keeps customers engaged in your website. Not only can good grammar make your website look professional but it helps you connect to potential customers. It’s going to be hard for them to understand the message you want to convey if they can’t understand your content.

Good Grammar Matters

Research about how good grammar affects your business shows that customers tend to react differently towards bad and well written content. An entity conducted a study on the business profiles of 100 native English-speakers in the consumer packaged good industry. Among the 100 examined professionals, they found out that those with fewer grammatical mistakes in the profiles had achieved higher positions in the organizations they work from. Furthermore, fewer grammatical mistakes are attributed to better chances of getting promoted.

But why?

That’s because grammar skills can affect how people perceive you, and in your case, your website. Those with good grammar skills are seen as someone who has keen attention to detail having observed proper grammar in writing. Content with good grammar is seen as something that’s more credible compared to those that do not. It also shows one has the capacity for critical thinking as writing requires the knowledge in structuring a grammatically correct sentence. Lastly, it reflects some level of intellectual aptitude which will reflect in your website, your business, your brand. See, in writing, good grammar and SEO come hand in hand. One indication that you are hiring a content writing agency that can help boost your business is that if they can come up with content that’s both SEO friendly and is correct grammatically. And in this day and age, that’s not a lot to ask.

3. Research Rules

If you want compelling content that will not just look good but will actually be good, find a content writing agency that can vouch for their articles. Articles that are well researched are often factual and represent the real thing - in writing. Research can give a writer some level of understanding or in some case, expertise, on a topic of their choice. However, good research usually costs the writers and the content writing agency time and money. That’s because reliable and dependable source materials require more than just resourcefulness and creativity. Some would be in the form of a paid membership, applications, and other paid access of services to let the content writing agency secure the correct details needed to write a compelling piece.

Good Research

Say your website is for a construction company, visitors and potential clients will find factual and well-researched pieces more convincing than those that convey a shallow message. Things like explaining the process of constructing an infrastructure or knowing how different raw materials are used and its overall effect in fundamental facilities can show an audience, a reader, or a visitor that you know what you’re saying. Furthermore, knowing and using slangs and terminologies can make more people who are in the same industry and are looking for reliable and trustworthy services feel like they are speaking or commissioning a colleague rather than a different, unfamiliar company.

Research is the content writing agency’s (and a writer’s) ammunition to help deliver better content that will make your website and your business count. Research will allow them to disprove misbeliefs and support truths which can be good for our business. Your website will not only be a portal for products and services but can potentially become a treasure trove of valuable information. When that happens, you will not only attract customers looking to get your products and services but also other individuals who are looking for facts. Your website can be cited and attributed for factual content which will only help drive more traffic and bolster your online presence. False and inaccurate writing can earn you negative feedback which is why you should be careful with the agency you are signing up with.

4. Communication is Key

Another key consideration to make when looking for a content writing agency is how well and how fast they respond to your messages. It makes no difference how good they are in SEO, how great they are in grammar, or how much they rock in research, if you can’t reach them and they can’t respond in time then it won’t matter. It’s true that some writing agencies work in a different time zone and they are at least allowed to have some leeway in answering messages. But a content writing agency that takes weeks to get back to you could be a problem. Some stories and news articles, if that’s what your website builds upon, are time sensitive. It needs to be delivered in a timely manner as you can be behind the race should you upload and publish your content past other competitors. The same can be said with retail stores. When in the business of selling, being ahead of other businesses and putting out a new product first gives you the edge as more and more buyers will end up in your website being the first one to feature related keywords and other relevant word components. Having a content writing agency assign you writers and respond the soonest to make necessary changes and produce up to date content is key.

Good communication

That said, invest in a content writing agency that offers not only reliable and dependable content but also communicates with you in a timely manner. For your business, this can mean that content can easily be updated and maintained the moment it is necessary.


Final Thoughts

Hiring a content writing agency is entirely up to you. But in this day and age, many businesses see better opportunities in hiring agencies that offer the aforementioned set of skills and competencies. Find out how good writing can boost your business by checking out our services here at Your Word Bakery.

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